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What happens when an Australian domain name expires?


In Australia, domains names are registered in two year periods (no more or no less is possible).

If a domain name owner either decides they no longer want the domain name or simply forgets to renew it the domain names status changes to 'expired' which is where it will stay for a 30 day 'grace period' (to give the owner a final chance to renew the domain name before it will be released to the public again). During these 30 days all services are shut off (website, email) but the owner still has the opportunity to renew the domain name for the standard renewal fee.

Only after this period of time (the 31st day) has lapsed will the domain name be able to be registered again, although with the recent popularity of Domain Name Catch sites, there may be many people who have already bid on the domain name in an auction type system with the hope that the domain name catch site will register the domain name the minute it becomes available on the highest bidders behalf.

If you have your eye on a domain name that is in an 'expired' state, unfortunately your best bet may be trying your luck with one of these Domain Name Catch sites to avoid missing out on the domain name again.


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